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Artis Premium Services™

Artis Premium Services™

What APS™ Offers?
APS™ is a specific package designed for the up keeping and maintenance of accounting, finance, taxation, corporate secretarial and legal department. APS™ is suitable for newly incorporated entities as well as established business concerns.  APS offers the following broad spectrum of services

•    System Audit and reporting
•    Proactive Response system
•    Personalized care and attention
•    Responsible reporting system
•    Authentic & confidential documentation
•    Responsibility Accounting

Advisory and proactive support in Corporate Secretarial & Legal matters such as convening of Board meetings, general meetings, maintenance of minutes, registers & records, preparation & uploading of eforms etc.

Advisory and proactive support in all financial and accounting matters and providing of Regular accounting support service, facilitating and maintaining all registrations and licenses such as VAT, Service Tax, PF, ESI etc., and Book keeping and record keeping.

Regular and concurrent internal auditing of accounts, processes and systems and its reporting.

APS™ conducts a thorough system study about the functionality of the secretarial, accounting, finance, and legal department and creates an authentic data base about the organization. It covers a systematic auditing of the policies and procedures of the covered areas and provides a status report.

APS™ offers a proactive response system, in which, the client is updated about the activities of the organisation, forthcoming compliance requirements etc., on a pro active manner. This enables the client to update themselves about the compliance status of the organisation and ensures proper corporate Governance system.

APS™ offers a single point contact for all your corporate needs. This enables us to have personalized relationship with our clients and to carry out all their immediate and urgent requirements instantly. APS®ensures a hassle free support for all developing and developed entities in a pro active manner.

Responsible reporting system
APS provides  accurate and timely updation.
Authentic and confidential documentation.

APS provides professional support and assistance for ensuring the authenticity and confidentiality of the documents filed with various government and non government institutions.  In addition the files are maintained at the back office in the most secured mode.

Benefits of  APS™ ?
APS™ helps a business entity to concentrate more on their core business aspects without compromising on the quality and procedural matters.
APS™ helps an organization to set out a strong foundation to build their business empire. The qualified professional team behind APS™ ensures all the necessary compliances that boosts up the investor confidence and installs Corporate Governance in the Organisation.

Key Results of APS™
•    Better Corporate Governance.
•    Better Productivity and high employee morale.
•    Professional support and assistance.

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