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Guidelines for Listing

January 31, 2013

SEBI has time to time issued the circulars and guidelines for setting up of the exchange for small and medium enterprises. These circulars have been revised after taking suggestions from market participants for the SME Platform. The final circular was issued on 18th May, 2010.The necessary provisions for the listing of specified securities under the SME Platform have been made in the Chapter XA of Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements (ICDR).

Benefits of Listing at BSE SME Platform

January 31, 2013

Going public would provide the MSME's with equity financing opportunities to grow their business - from expansion of operations to acquisitions.

Guidelines on Identification of Beneficial Ownership

January 31, 2013

SEBI Master Circular No. CIR/ISD/AML/3/2010 dated December 31, 2010 has mandated all registered intermediaries to obtain, as part of their Client Due Diligence policy, sufficient information from their clients in order to identify and verify the identity of persons who beneficially own or control the securities account. The beneficial owner has been defined in the circular as the natural person or persons who ultimately own, control or influence a client and/or persons on whose behalf a transaction is being conducted, and includes a person who exercises ultimate effective control over a legal person or arrangement.

Transferabiliy of shares in a Public Company

January 30, 2013

Can a Public Company restrict the right to transfer the shares? Will the restriction under 111A of the ACT stands valid in all circumstances? The answer is NO!!

How to name the business and what are the formalities for registration?

January 29, 2013

In India, incorporation of a company is governed by the Companies Act 1956. It is the most important piece of legislation that empowers the Central Government to regulate the formation, financing, functioning and winding up of companies. It applies to whole of India and to all types of companies, whether registered under this Act or an earlier Act. But it does not apply to universities, co-operative societies, unincorporated trading, scientific and other societies.